How do I log into my control panel?
In your web browser type or click here to get to the login page. Enter your username and password as provided or if you don’t know or can’t remember please email us with your domain name.

Does my server support Microsoft products, i.e. frontpage, expression web?
Your server will support any design software. Also it is pre equipped with support for, cgi and php. Microsoft frontpage extensions are installed or you may use ftp to access/update your site.

How many email accounts do I have?
When we say unlimited we mean it. You may create all the email accounts you wish via your control panel.

Can I upload videos to my site?
All of our servers are capable of streaming video. So the answer is yes!

How do I create a database?
You create a database from your control panel. Just click on databases and follow the instructions.

How can I send email from my form?
We have asp email installed, you may find instructions for using it here Also you may use a php or asp script.

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